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ParaKi- damsel

Inspire me

Inspire me

Reply to this by posting about your favorite things, your favorite people, what inspire you, the little things that make you happy in life.. It can be simple things like favorite foods and a favorite color.

You may reply with images and you can write as much as you want.
Anonymously or not.



I like:

you. ping pong. table hocky. rollercoasters. Incubus. Juliana Theory. Avril Lavign's first album. tangy candy and salad dressings. TC. Monty Python. my mom when she's laughing. Josh's evil grin. DND at CJ's. you. large groups of friends playing any kind of game. dressing up in the park. quiet evenings reading with a cup of tea. going out in a boat. fishing. Anne Rice. Vampires. Weiss Kruez. Kate being silly. making stuff up. 4 square. lounging in a shady pool. Lloyd. spiritual highs. you. running as fast and far as possible without pain. driving nowhere with you for endless hours. Atlanta. Savannah. Charleston. Boone, NC. Europe. Japanese culture. sushi. pancakes. Nana. ParaKi. your outfits. smilies. all of us singing at the top of our lungs in the back of justin's truck with mash potatoes. Largo Ren Fest. being sneaky when it doesn't hurt anyone. Mozart. Bach. Beethovan. Borders for HOURS. Warren Willis in Leesburg.
hot naked animated manlove. you. ^__^

Re: I like:

oh. & being loved.
yeah, that last bit about the manlove got to ya, didn't it. ^__^
it was more.... "quiet evenings reading with a cup of tea. " but hey that's on there too.